Monday, November 30, 2009


I saw my orthodontist today, and guess what??!?!?!?! I get my braces off next week!!!!!!!!!! a whole 4 months ahead of schedule!!!!!!!!! I didn't have any elastics from my ortho after surgery...and only like 2 weeks of them from the surgeon (to keep my bite in the splint). Yeyyy!!! my surgeon must be a miracle worker or something :-D
I did have a minor panic attack as they required the rest of the payment today, but that's ok, it's worth it.
I'm really freaking out about impressions though, I could just see my jaws coming loose when they pull that play doh out of your was that for anyone else? you survived impressions 3 mos after surgery?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So I can eat mostly whatever I want which came in handy today :). I have noticed that I try really hard to chew with my jaw pushed back as far as I can...almost like I'm trying to make it feel like it did when my bite was soo off. when I actually thought about it, I just relax and try to chew with my new bite and it works alot better...does that make any sense at all? In other news, I'm thinking about buying a condo...I'm really excited about it but also not looking forward to the hassle. and how long it takes. We'll see what happens.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Saw the OS today and he said not to get too comfortable with my braces cuz they would be coming off reeeaaall soon. I also got a letter from my ortho saying that I would be getting my braces removed soon, but before they remove them they need alll my money. ick. No more OS appointments till the braces come off though :-D ...I really have no idea when they will come off but originally they told me march, maybe sooner? we will see at my next appt on the 30th.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


jaw still hurts, work isn't helping...only a week back and the drama is still the same. Not to mention a wonderful personal life. i'm so tired. sooooooooo tired. I still can't believe I finally had surgery and it's over, but at the same time...this isn't how life was supposed to turn out. :-(

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009


Every time I see I have a visitor from germany I immediately think of this post

Also, I had an appt with my OS today because I've been having so much pain. I called their office on friday because I was having issues with my disability claim and kind of said "oh by the way, my jaw is killing me." The lady at the desk then put me on hold while she talked to one of the nurses and maybe Dr. Langan too. When she gets back on the phone she goes "That will take a long time to heal." *yey* so I think it must be completely normal. Then she adds; "but we want to see you a little sooner than your next appointment." My next appointment wasn't scheduled for like another month...they wanted to see me the next business day. hmmm...maybe it's not so normal after all. Either way I still don't know...he looked at me and told me to take loads of ibuprofen a day for 2 weeks and see if that works. I had this surgery to get off that stuff! :-( Hmph. it will go away. it has tooooo... :-((

It DOES have to do with surgery :-)

My finished half sleeve!

OK, so, I didn't get this tattoo just because I FINALLY got the surgery and it really has changed my life...but yes, it is the biggest reason. For me, it symbolizes overcoming obstacles even if you have to go through hell...Lotus flowers have to grow through muddy dirty water before they can finally bloom...butterflies start out as a worm before they become beautiful! Butterflies also have a much more special meaning to me but I won't get into that here. I also love the fact that I have a piece of artwork on my body for the rest of my life.

Here's my smile that i'm still getting used to...I'm still more swollen on my right side than my left.

After wearing that huge splint for 5 weeks i'm not too embarrassed of my braces anymore :-)
I just still can't get over the's a huge difference...huge change. I'm still shy, but I definately want to go out more and be social...soooo different from how i've always been. Yey!
Haha now I take TOOO MANY pictures!! I'm not afraid of the camera anymore!

The End.