Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm ready for surgery!!!!!!!!!!

I have an orthodontist appointment next week. The surgeon said I would be wearing surgical wires for 6 weeks before the surgery. It will be in September! I can't wait to get this overwith!! I'm not telling the date of the surgery because I really don't want any visitors in the hospital. I'd rather have people visit me once i'm feeling better and still off work. :-) I wonder what surgical wires are?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My appointment was yesterday, they took X-rays and impressions (I almost died, those aren't fun especially with braces). He said he was going to have to see how the impressions fit together to make sure i'm ready for surgery. He said it's usually about 6 weeks after they put surgical wires on that the surgery would happen. They are supposed to call me and let me know what the plan is. I'm guessing late sept. which would be ok...then I would have time off during nice weather months. He asked me when the best time for me would be, I told him yesterday was the absolute best :-P i told him that my schedule would revolve around his schedule because I just want to get this overwith. My life is on hold. I don't even want to e-mail the teachers at rollins to ask if I can come back until after the surgery. That's all for now, hopefully they will call today.