Monday, February 28, 2011

short update

Yes, I have rheumatoid disease which is why I had a relapse. The drugs they're going to put me on sound pretty scary but i'm trying not to think of it. I have felt like crap since I had to go off of the steroids that I was on for about 3 weeks. The steroids were the final test to make completely sure I have rheumatoid. I don't see getting my jaw broken again right now, I would be too afraid of a relapse to happen again if I would have to go off of the meds when we decide to get pregnant. These drugs are VERY toxic and I can't get pregnant while on them :-(

I had sinus surgery a week ago and got the splints out of my nose today and it's amazing to be able to breathe like this!

I wonder how many people/bloggers that went through surgery at the same time as me still get on their blogs?

I got married to a very amazing man on valentines day :-)))

Happy monday everyone!