Thursday, November 4, 2010


usually when I start to come out of it, i freak out emotionally and bawl like crazy even though I can't even really open my eyes. I don't know's very strange. and this time I cried and hyperventilated...they kept trying to calm me down and get me to breathe normal but I couldn't. I could not control it. so weird. when I googled it a few people did say they did the same thing. I wonder why.
My jaw still hurts and i can't open very wide, less than before. i just hope it heals and gets better.


  1. I just came out of anaesthesia and the dr's said I wouldn't shut up - that I kept trying to talk through it and was asking weird questions. I guess everyone acts differently. I'm sorry it is so traumatic for you! What was this surgery for?

  2. I have weird thoughts like "I have no arms" and then panic. I tend to also not breathe after coming out of anesthesia... odd. They always have to remind me to keep breathing.

  3. When I had my wisdom teeth out, I remember someone saying, "Wow, she's awake already." For some reason, that made me think they were still working on me, and I started crying because I was so scared to be awake during the surgery. I'm not sure why I didn't realize that they wouldn't have commented on the fact that I was awake if it was a problem...
    I hope the arthrocentesis helped!